11 Crucial Points to consider when working with an interior designer

  • The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is
    studying your environment to discover the beauty in every space, it is about the realities of
    what makes for an attractive, civilized and meaningful environment. So study the
    environment and make the very best out of it.
  1. Interior design should define the person living in it. Design is coming to grip with one’s
    real place in the world. The first thing that your home interior says about you is your lifestyle.
    Home designs should not be put together only for show but to nourish ones well being.
    When your interior matches your lifestyle you’ll feel more comfortable and positive with the
    space you live. The colours define what you’re like in your daily life. So whatever colours you
    choose to decorate your home with, ensure that it makes you happy and comfortable.
  2. Aesthetic designs are affordable and always appealing. Design is working with what you
    have, creating new ideas and bringing more life to a home. Aesthetics is making everywhere
    beautiful with complementary colour, d├ęcor, artwork, mirrors, decorating walls and lights
    reflecting brightness. When chosen with care and taste, it compliments a design’s
    functionality and enhances its layout making it super attractive.
  3. Design has no flaws but just an aim for your own elegance. In essence, no design is a
    mistake. It is the detailing of each design that matters. Elegance is a state of mind not a
    superficial(surface) style to be turned on and off. It comes from seeing beauty in small
    things, in taking away rather than adding in one perfect piece instead of many nondescript
    ones. Elegance has more generosity aiming to delight both decorator and observer. What
    works for one may not work for another, that’s why no design is a mistake so long as you can
    see the beauty in it.
  4. Interior design is like writing a creative story. Creativity takes a willingness to create a
    design and to do this, your mind must be doubt free. Great designs are an outcome of what
    can be done if we put our mind on creative mode. Every design is adventurous and full of
    soul, it is a way to explore and make people wonder. Interior design has a lot of stories in it
    and every designer desires to tell that story through their designs.
  5. A design should never allow the eyes to settle in one place. They are never boring but
    have the ability to illuminate and enhance a space. Design is flexible and versatile with the
    use of integrated, clever solutions that are very functional and interesting. Designs are made
    dynamic to create a mindset of beauty and fantasy.
  6. Don’t get your space compacted with furniture, fill up your space with timeless design
    pieces. Furniture isn’t something that you use in order to fill a blank space, it is the extension
    of your personality. When people come into your home, they get an idea of your aesthetic
    sense. In essence, it’s not all about buying a furniture but it is getting one with good colour,
    easy maintenance and durability. These qualities makes it stand out.
  7. Good deigns are inspired. Like they say “smooth seas don’t make good sailors”, the same
    applies to design. Designs aren’t just blueprints, they are inspired by the will to move outside
    normal boundaries and delve into a new expression through nature, arts and crafts. This
    helps to bring about new discoveries leading to a renewal of excitement in creating beautiful
    home designs.
  8. Comfort is not just felt on the chairs you seat on, it is felt in every piece of decoration that
    makes up your interior. There’s just something about a beautiful home that makes us never
    want to leave in a hurry. For a home to be regarded as flawlessly designed, the objects in it
    must complement and balance one another, that is why utmost comfort should be
    considered over just eye-catching features. For real comfort of your space, choose the right
    pieces that suits your fancy.
  9. A classy design is not enough, but an outstanding one breaks the ordinariness of a
    space. To design is much more than to simply assemble, it is to add value and meaning, to
    illuminate, to clarify, to dignify, to dramatize and even to amuse. A design that stands out is
    rated as world class and not just classy.
  10. In interior designing you don’t need everything to give you something, you just need
    something to give you everything. A lot of choices go into creating a beautiful home. A
    design is not just what a thing looks or feels like, but how it works. Achieving a good design
    is using a functional items rather than superfluous (having no use) ones.
  11. Every home may be well designed but only few homes get an excellent touch.
    Excellence is a decision. It is wise you choose an excellent and not just a mere design. A
    little colour, a little texture and a bit of personality can make a world of difference in your
    home. Excellence is not an act but a habit, so you too can incorporate it into your design.