Best store to Buy Furniture In Lagos

Nigeria is one of the biggest countries in West Africa and Lagos state happens to be one of
the biggest and busiest cities in Nigeria.

A versatile metropolis where everything is produced. A place of trade, commerce and
industry, of blossom and growth where people buy and sell different things .

Interior design is just one aspect of the fast growing business services rendered in Lagos
and there are several interior showrooms and interior design studio in Lagos.
This trade is well known, well mastered in the point of business and it is beautifully made in

One of the best bespoke interior design and furniture showroom I visited is QID
(Quintessential Interiors & Design) @qidfurnisings. For me this is one of the most
outstanding showrooms yet.

I visited this showroom and right from their customer service I was captivated and knew I
was in the right place for everything interior design

I was welcomed so warmly and treated specially, this made me flutter. I came to a
conclusion that ‘this people know their onions’.

The first thing that gets your attention @qidfurnisings is the welcoming diffuser scent which
gives you an insight into what you should expect on the inside. The rest is left to your
imagination as you veer up the stairway. Finally in the showroom and it is an example of
what I call home away from home.

I used to think I could only get that standard, quality and professionalism abroad but they
proved me wrong. From quality, unique accessories, creativity, well detailed furniture, great
pricing to beautiful fabrics, beddings, pillows, exquisite designs and most importantly great
customer relations that made me feel like a dignitary, larger than I actually am.

QID furnishing is at 5, Anthony Village Road, Lagos and renders numerous design services
like home and office furnishing , interior design solutions, space planning, total makeovers or
refurbishment, wall papering, wall paintings, curtains and blinds, project furnishing, sanitry
works etc.