Interior design is always a reflection of our lifestyle. Being able to combine the necessary
elements like lines, form, light, pattern, colour, texture and space is what makes it
unique.People sometimes design based on the available space but in getting a good interior,
one needs to pick a theme in order to achieve a better outlook. Explained below are the few
styles that will help you in designing your home:

  1. Coastal design is the perfect style for those who want to bring in the beach feeling into
    their daily lives. it incorporates color schemes of white, blue, green and orange.
  2. Modern design is a sleek style that highlights simplicity. Consider white, black and gray.
    This combination is clean and non-cluttered giving you straight and bold lines. This design aims
    at keeping it simple.
  3. Asian design style uses elements of nature for a tranquil feeling. White, green, blue and
    neutral are central color schemes for Asian design style. Natural light is desired with limited
    window coverings to allow the most sunlight into a room. To add natural touches, small plants
    are spread throughout in the design.
    More tips to getting the best out of your living room include:
    *Always go for multipurpose furniture.
    *Make your sofa the focal point.
    *Use floor lamps and floor vases.
    *Adorn your walls with frames.
    *Add a bold rug and use blankets. *Use mirrors to make your space bigger.
  • Finally, create walk through spaces.
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